Finca, Ferienhaus, Ferienwohnung und Mietwagen La Palma
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F. A. Q.

Frequently asked questions arround your booking.

How long is the minimum rent duration?

Our minimum rent duration is 7 days.

How can I pay? Do you accept paypal?

We prefer effective payments. Paypal and other payment methods are not possible. More details you will find in your full booking confirmation.

Where I can find the booking calender?

Please understand that for economic reasons we do not provide an online availability / booking calender on our homepage.  It takes a lot of time to keep them up to date. The savings are your profits we give back in lower renting prices.

I made a booking via email. How long does it take usualy to get an booking confirmation?

We are trying hard to make your booking complete as soon as possible. Usually it takes less than some hours.  Should we take longer you get first an short but fully valid! booking confirmation via email, after that during 24 hours we send you the full version of it. The full version will be sent to you as a pdf-file for easy printing.

I've made a booking request and I'm still awaiting an answer.

We ask for a little patience. Even if we try to answer your request in time, sometimes it can take some ours until we manage it to answer your request. We ask for your understanding.

I need an internet access. Do all your houses have Wi-Fi?

Almost all of our houses provide a stable Wi-Fi connection. In some regions its still not possible to get A-DSL. In that case we offer an mobile-Wi-Fi router with 5GB in HDSP+/LTE speed quality. The volume of 5GB can be recharged for 20 €/5GB. We destinguish between WLAN an Wi-Fi. WLAN means A-DSL. “Wi-Fi” means a mobile based rechargeble connection.

What about towels? Do I find some in the holiday home?

Yes of course! A usual set of towels is included and will be changed once a week. Beach towels are not included, but can be bought in several beach – souvenir shops arround the island.

If your miss something in our frequently asked question, please sent us an e-mail. We are here to help!